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Leave it to shock jock Howard Stern to put things into “bleeping prospective” in fact Stern is perhaps the only individual on the planet that could out Trump, Trump!

He’s the original irreverent say what’s on your mind DJ, who knows a thing or two about spinning a yarn.

What Stern's hearing from prominent liberals about the carnage in Orlando and about gun control is giving the shock-jock a rash!

He’s not buying the phony spin of President Obama, the mainstream media or those within congress attempting to change the narrative of radical Islamic extremism as being the cause for the carnage that took place in Orlando.

In his typical un-politically correct way Stern let loose declaring; “I’m so upset about Orlando and what went down, but I can’t believe these people who come out afterwards and their answer to Orlando is to take away guns from the public. It’s f***ing mind-blowing to me.”

He continued saying; “The military, and they don’t mean it in a derogatory way, but they look at the public as sheep,” he continued. “And we are sheep. Most of us sit around all day and we don’t know how to defend ourselves. We basically think everything’s okay.”

And that’s really at the heart of the issue, in that most of us aren’t prepared or have the knowledge to protect ourselves imagine for a moment if someone within that nightclub was trained and armed, the outcome might have been a lot different.

Source: Daily Caller


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