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Although this brief 3-minute video is intended to show just how moronic a segment of the population is, it also chronicles the very real issues facing America today that many younger Americans are “blissfully ignorant of the facts.”

Moreover those being interviewed by Mark Dice appeared to be bright and well-educated, and that’s the saddest realization of all, that this crop of 30-year olds would actually enter a voting booth and vote for a convicted felon serving 150 years as Bernie Sanders VP running mate..

This was no doubt a funny segment exposing these “brain-dead” Bernie supporters who didn’t have a clue to who Bernie Madoff actually was, and the fact that Sanders picked a running mate they didn’t know, was good enough for them.

When told by Dice that Bernie Sanders was bringing Madoff aboard as his vice-presidential pick to “help clean up Wall Street,” one man responded, “I think that’s a good idea,” noting that the ticket would include “all the Bernies”.

For those few brain-dead individuals that may stumble onto this page, Bernie Madoff was the infamous kingpin of perhaps the biggest Ponzi scheme in American history, defrauding thousands of investors for decades of billions of dollars.

However if one actually thinks about it, perhaps that video isn’t as funny as it seems, in that isn’t that exactly what Sanders redistribution Socialist policy is all about…one big PONZI SCAME?


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