Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has gone on the record saying President Barack Obama should face impeachment proceedings if he takes unilateral executive action to require high-volume gun dealers to perform background checks on their buyers.

“The very fact that you might bring it before the Judiciary Committee and investigate it and determine whether it’s a impeachable offense is a very healthy thing to do,” said DeLay, Republican Leader from 2003 to 2005.

DeLay’s comment was in response to the news from The Washington Post that Obama is considering, once again, to resort to Executive Action to implement policies and regulations without consulting with Congress.

At issue would be an order to compel high-volume dealers to perform background checks on buyers.

Obama said he is considering taking action after the October 1 mass shooting at a community college in Oregon.

The president did not comment on the apparent motive of the shooter who asked students if they were Christian and then shot them if they answered in the affirmative.

The 26-year-old shooter, Christopher Harper-Mercer killed nine self-identified Christians, injuring nine others before shooting himself during a gun fight with the police.

DeLay has experience as a Congressional leader in Washington, serving as a Majority Whip from 1995 to 2003 working closely with then newly-elected Newt Gingrich as they sought to put into place the “Contract with America.”

Although he said he believes such an action by Obama would be an impeachable offense, he did not elaborate on the charges he thought would be applicable.

Article II of the Constitution provides the procedural steps for the impeachment of a president, which originates in the House of Representatives and is similar to an indictment. A simple majority is required to refer an article of impeachment to the Senate for “trial.”

Impeachment proceedings have been held three times in the nation’s history.

Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached, but found not guilty; President Richard Nixon resigned from office prior to the full vote of the House.

Source: Newsmax


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