In a vote divided along partisan lines, representatives in the House voted to cut out a clause in the defense policy bill that would have showed major support for Obama's illegal "Dreamer" plan.

Republicans outnumbered Democrats in the vote and managed to cut a clause from the bill which would have allowed illegal immigrants on Obama's "Dreamer" plan to sign up for the military.

While many Republican opponents used the vote as evidence that Republicans in Congress have no respect for the lives of people willing to sacrifice their lives in military service, the bill represented far more than simply allowing illegal immigrants to be in the military.

If Republicans had passed the bill it would have looked likeĀ a sign of support for Obama's plan, something that most Republicans agree was illegal for the president to implement in the first place. And though the issue of illegal immigrants signing up for the military is still one that needs closer attention, Republicans made the right choice by cutting out the "Dreamer" clause.

Furthermore, what was a clause relating to immigration doing in a defense bill? Though the bill had to do with policy, the fact that it was passed into the defense bill was a surreptitious move to try and obtain tacit approval for Obama's plan from Congress.


Defacing the flag is no way to make an argument for citizenship!

Fortunately some members of Congress read bills placed before them and caught the clause. While the debate will continue to rage on whether or not illegal immigrants on the "Dreamer" path should be able to serve in the military, there are issues that need to be resolved before that question can be taken up.

For instance, whether or not the "Dreamer" plan is even legal for President Obama to implement. If it is illegal, as most Republicans agree, what point is there in fighting for a clause that would allow beneficiariesĀ of an illegal any opportunity.

Let's solve the legality issue first, then we can come back to the military service issue.

h/t Washington Times

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