Refugees, refugees, refugees. That's all that the media is clamoring to talk about. But what is actually being done about the refugee issue? Thanks to a Republican-led House, something.

A House bill that would require the federal government to step-up it's background checks into refugees from Iraq or Syria who are seeking asylum in the United States has passed in the House with a bipartisan vote of 289-137. That number includes 47 Democrat representatives who ignored President Obama's rhetoric and voted against his administration's plan.

The bill is now advanced to the Senate, where it will face another strict round of scrutiny before going to a vote.

President Obama has said that he will veto any bill limiting refugees that passes his desk, a clear sign that he is unwilling to compromise on the issue. Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security secretary, said that the measures passed by the House would significantly slow down the already tortuous proceedings for Syrian and Iraqi immigrants.

But the Republicans aren't asking for a cessation of refugees. They're simply asking for immigration to be handled in a more thorough manner.

If the bill passes, the new measures would require an FBI-approved background check into the lives of the Middle Eastern refugees from Syria and Iraq trying to come into the U.S. Additionally, Homeland Security and other security officials would have to signify that the intended refugee is not a threat to America's security.

To me, those measures sound like things that should already be in place. I understand the argument of compassion, but, as Paul Ryan said in response to the House's passing of the bill, "We are a compassionate nation. . . . But we also must remember that our first priority is to protect the American people."

America has always been about balance: balance of powers, balance of freedoms and security. Now should be no different as we seek the tenuous balance between compassion and common sense.

h/t: Fox News

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