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Here we go again! Another piece of major legislation passed in haste, because our political system is broken, and the hacks we seem to elect cannot do their jobs. Just like Obamacare passed in the dead of night, by only one party, and never actually read by any legislator and yet voted on and passed.

This time House Democrats and around 80 Republicans voted for a budget deal hammered out between outgoing Speaker and President Obama.

And once again seniors get hosed as yet another $150 Billion dollars is taken out of  the Social Security Trust Fund, to prop up another part of the program. The Social Security raid will keep the disability program solvent through 2022, at which time Congress is likely to again raid the federal pension program.

The Disability Insurance fund of Social Security was created in the 50’s and was designed to provide temporary assistance to workers suffering medical disabilities, it is now one of the fast growing programs within the system.

Obviously there are many reasons why the system currently isn’t working as it should, the labor participation rate, changes in the demographics, seniors living longer.

Today, more than 5% of the working age population receives federal disability payments, compared to 2% in the 1990's.

However these are all manageable issues, if only the congress would stop playing politics and have the courage to reform the disability program and address the retirement age for seniors, rather than kicking the can to the next congress, and perhaps the next generation.

Source: Breitbart



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