President Obama wants to take our guns away. Period. Do not fool yourself into thinking his goal is anything but. This is called “nudging.” A push here, a tweak there, a nudge in this direction, and finally one big giant shove.

We are still at the nudging and pushing stage. Kind of like how a toddler tests their boundaries with a parent. Being that our president is the whiny cry-baby man-toddler that he is, the comparison only makes sense.

Immediately after his return from his little Christmas vacation on the tropical isle of Oahu, President Obama got down to the business of shredding the Bill of Rights. His target?

The Second Amendment of course. He got up on the public stage and cried about the rampant gun violence in America.  Has he ever shed a tear for a victim of terrorism? Rarely does he mention terrorism. He hasn’t so much as batted an eyelid when a soldier dies on the battle field.

In response to Obama’s gun grab, and the complicit actions of the Department of Justice, in NOT upholding the Constitution, the GOP led Congress appears to be trying to do something useful.

In a letter to Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, they made clear that they, “…look forward to reviewing a fiscal year 2016 spending plan and fiscal year 2017 budget request that enforces existing law and does not create new law.”

Money will only be provided, to her department, for the purposes of existing federal law, and not “to your department” should there be “executive action to limit the constitutional rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.”

For now we have their verbal support with respect to the Second Amendment. It remains to be seen if they have the cojones to follow through. Perhaps the straw has finally broken the camels’ back.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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