The grievance committee of million dollar African-American athletes is alive and well in America, which actually tells us more about these perpetual race baiters then we’d like to know. Remarkably after almost a decade of having Barack Obama (a black man), in the White House, you’d think the race hustlers would take a little time off, rather than going back to playing second class citizens while depositing million dollar paychecks and disrespecting America.

However, that trend of taking a knee seems to be finally falling apart with NFL fans turning off the dial on their TV screens sending a clear message to the owners that they had better clean up their act or lose money.

On Sunday Vice President Pence and the Second Lady walked out of the game between the  Colts and the 49ers after seeing players from both teams once again take a knee.

The vice president immediately got up and left the stadium, after witnessing the sideline antics of mostly African-American players once again grandstanding and playing the race card.

Remarkably safety Eric Reid felt disrespected by the Vice President’s departure, which simply illustrates how out of touch these players are regarding America, and the opportunity these guys have in playing a game and pocketing millions of dollars for their efforts.

Reid not exactly the brightest bulb in the locker room, apparently couldn’t contain himself after the game regarding the vice president departure calling it a ‘PR stunt.”

Exclaiming: “So this looks like a PR stunt to me. He knew our team has had the most players protest. He knew that we were probably going to do it again.”

Which once again begs the question who are these morons protesting against? The NFL fan who’ve collectively made these guys rich, perhaps if Reid actually paid attention and really cared about the plight of those within the inner city, he’d visit Obama’s hometown of Chicago and take a knee on the steps of City Hall, and ask how come over 4,000 individuals (mostly African-American) have died under the leadership of a black president?

Do you think Vice President Pence did the right thing by walking out of the game?


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