More than a century ago the members of the Daughters of the Confederacy installed a time capsule at the base of "Johnny Reb," a Confederate Statue that had been erected at Lake Eola Park in Orlando, Florida in 1911.

The time capsule, a metal box weighing about 3 pounds, was opened at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 8 in the vault of the Orlando city clerk's office. Its contents included a Confederate flag, pins bearing the flag's likeness, and Confederate States of America currency.

Hours before the unearthing of the 102-year-old time capsule battle lines had been drawn between the city and the DOC, which claimed the right to open the time capsule.

"They are deliberately doing this to [us]," Pat Schnurr, 94, told Fox 35 Orlando. "In other words, we have no say so in this."

The time capsule had been installed at the base of the monument. In June, the statue, which had been defaced with the words "End Racism" in red spray paint, was removed from Lake Eola Park and relocated to Greenwood Cemetery.

"Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer decided to relocate the statue after a blogger said the memorial was a symbol of racism," WFTV 9 reported.

The time capsule and its contents will be preserved as archives, said Orlando Historic Preservation Officer Richard Forbes.

"We weren't quite sure there would be anything left judging from the condition of the piece left on top of the box," Forbes told WFTV 9. "We were concerned that it would all have been dust."


Such concern is warranted in the current political climate that seeks the total removal of all Confederate symbols and monuments. It is unfortunate that Orlando's mayor saw fit to cave in to political pressure from leftists and historical revisionists, who wish to erase all material memory of the sacrifices made by Confederate soldiers in the war between the states.

The DOC deserved and should have been granted the honor and privilege to open the time capsule as a matter or right and historical continuity. After all, it was their time capsule.

But today there is very little political will to oppose the tyranny of social justice warriors, even in the deep South.

For the members of the DOC, there is no worse bitter pill than to have been separated from the contents of the time capsule at a time when Confederate history is being marginalized and abolished.

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Source: Fox Orlando

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