“I’m honored to be recognized, but I’d like to give the glory to God.”

Those words were spoken by Westside Elementary School Kindergarten teacher, Ginger Taylor when accepting accolades for her quick thinking and action that resulted in the rescue of a 5-year old boy, who was the victim of an in-progress kidnapping.

She went on to give credit for her role to another, more powerful, hero;

“He [God] was there for me, protecting me, the child, every teacher on the playground, all my coworkers, and without Him, the child wouldn’t be here.”

 Taylor, while observing children on the school playground, witnessed two men grab a young boy and start dragging him away.

Westside Elementary School teacher Ginger Taylor

She jumped into action and attempted to physically intervene and retrieve the child. One of the kidnappers sent her to the ground and they made their getaway. Fortunately, Taylor was able to pull herself together enough to get a plate off of the car that the screaming and terrified child was being stuffed into.

The police were called, and they quickly relayed the details to the Valdosta Sheriff. The kidnappers were tracked to a small airport where they, with the kidnapped child in tow, were boarding a private plane.

The intent of the kidnapping was for one of the men, Michael Ray McCormick to steal his own son, with the aid of his good buddy Scott Stapp.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.51.15 PM
33-year-old Michael Ray McCormick and 36-year-old David Scott Stapp, both of Biloxi, MS, were arrested.

The young boy was returned to his mother, and the men will have their day in court. While the horrors of the mother are a given, one can only imagine the terror of this boy, as his dad grabs him, drags him off of his campus, stuffs him into a car, and participates in the beating of one his school teacher, only to then find himself being drug up into an airplane.

The father is a piece of crap. It is no wonder he is the non-custodial parent. Hopefully, what he did to his son will haunt him forever. Hopefully the haunting will take place in prison.

God bless Ginger Taylor, and may God's peace soothe the little boy’s heart and calm his mind.

h/t: VDT

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