You can’t make this kind of thing up.

Linda Weston, aged 55, just landed herself in prison. That’s the place where criminals get three hots and a cot, a college education at tax payer expense, health and dental plans many of us dream of, and a sex change operation if they so desire.

What did Weston do to deserve this honor? She kept six disabled adults and four children in her dungeon of a basement, for a decade, while she and four equally evil Cretans collected their Social Security checks totally $212,000.00. The imprisoned were kept in a state of sedation, starved, and were given buckets to relieve themselves. If they tried in any way to revolt or escape they were physically assaulted with blunt objects, beaten and burned.

Four of her disabled victims were present for her sentencing. One of them did a happy-dance of sorts.

Weston looked on with joy and asked,

“Do you see the transformation God has done to them?”

Don’t for a minute be fooled that she is insane. Nobody pulls off that kind of evil scam for a decade by being insane. That was careful planning, flying under the radar, and being vicious. Crazy, yes. Insane, no.

Her response to her sentencing?

“I believe in God and God knows what happened.”

Yes, he does, and hopefully she will rot in a really dark dungeon of her own for all of eternity.

The other question to ask; where were the case managers for the disabled and the children, for the past 10 years?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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