A 27-year-old clinical pharmacist at an Ohio community hospital has died and her father faces murder, felonious assault and domestic violence charges, but authorities remain unclear as to the motive.

Jamal Mansour, 63, shot his daughter, Tahani, in the head twice, in effect “executing” her, according to prosecutor Michael O’Shea at an arraignment and bond hearing.

Judge Donna Congenti Fitzsimmons set Mansours bond at $4.5 million.

Although there is some evidence that the shooting, which occurred in the woman’s bedroom in the family home during an argument, fits the description of a so-called “honor killing” prevalent among Muslims, police have not ruled out other family issues that may have been at play.

The family had a history of police contact with a December 2012 call to police by an anonymous caller who reported that Mansour threatened to commit suicide because his daughter was on a business trip to Las Vegas.

The family confirmed that the Muslim father was upset with Tahini for going to the famed “Sin City,” and investigating police determined that while he was “angry with his daughter, he was calm and reasonable,” when talking with police and did not follow-up on the situation.

Mansour is a U.S. citizen who immigrated from Jordan in 1978.

The motive of an “honor killing” in which Muslim men feel justified in taking the life of a female family member who they believe has shamed the family – such as when a woman becomes “Westernized”– has not been ruled out, but so far, authorities are attributing the murder to the argument, without releasing any information about what the father and daughter argued about.

The family has said that Mansour shot his daughter “because he has diabetes,” but police say he was not under any medical care at the time of the incident nor during his time in custody.

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