The 'religion of peace' strikes once again on US soil. This time the victim is a 23 year old mother of two. The victim, Safaya Dadacha, was strangled to death by the hands of her husband, Mohamed Ali. Her only crime, besides being forced to marry Ali, was to ask for money to feed the couple's children, aged 2 and 5.

Safaya was trapped in a marriage where she had to be subservient to her husband and feared for her life enough to sleep with a knife under her pillow. Ali strangled his wife, while both kids were downstairs, because he thought she was trying to cheat him with her brother. Apparently, Ali wrote her a check after continued arguments about the children needing food and clothes, and when Safaya had the 'nerve' to actually cash the check, Ali, in his own words, made him 'crazy.'

When Ali finally called 911, the first responders saw the kitchen in perfect order as Safaya's last act was cooking a meal for her husband. The one item out of place was a kitchen knife that Ali said Safaya threw at him in self defense and the body of the mother.

The most sickening thing about all of this? Ali strangled his wife while his two kids were downstairs and then he left the house with his kids trapped with their dead mother. Think about that. A two year old and a five year old were locked in the house with their own dead mother.

Ali's defense, which he had to give via an interpreter because in the years he was here on our dime, he never bothered to learn English, was that his wife became upset and 'strangled herself with her scarf.' He said this with no emotion visible. Although the 'my wife strangled herself with a scarf' defense was issued, Ali's story quickly crumbled when evidence was shown his hands were the tool of her death.

When faced with the facts of the case in the court room, Ali seemed confused to what the fuss was about. He said he had his hands around her neck and punched her several times, but his only reasoning was 'she was disrespectful' by trying 'forge' his check to pay for their kid's food.

This deadbeat foreigner was good enough to sponge off the US after begging for asylum, but was too good to pay for his own kids with the money we provided to him. To top it off, he thought he could murder his wife in cold blood because his 'honor' was upset and his religion demanded it. If this 'good' Muslim was following his 'religion of peace' then I sure hate to see what a 'bad' Muslim could do. Maybe when the Liberals stop allowing in murders like Ali by giving them asylum and money, we will never have to find out.




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