The Department of Homeland Security, (DHS) should be downgraded and called the Kindergarten of Homeland Security. News has just come out that DHS tried to tone down the rhetoric of its agents regarding terrorists and Islamist radicals. That happened just one week before Islamist Omar Mateen went berserk and murdered 49 people and wounded even more in an Orlando, Florida gay nightclub.

The recently released report states that DHS should "avoid stigmatizing specific communities," and also steer clear of any non-plain English words like "sharia" or "jihad." Somehow the DHS believes that this report by the Homeland Security Advisory Council, or HSAC, should hold water when it comes to dealing with terrorists.

Why is DHS so wimpy that it can't continue calling things what they really are?

According to the report, it's because there is "disagreement" about some of the terms. "There is a disagreement among scholars, government officials, and activists about the right lexicon to use around the issues of violent extremism," states HSAC's report.

Unfortunately, while the DHS was worrying about teaching youth "proper online etiquette" and urging its officers not to use correct Islam terms to describe terrorists and their tactics, 49 people were killed by a radicalized Islamist terrorist on U.S. soil. That's exactly the sort of thing that the DHS should have been prepared to stop.

From the report again: DHS officials should "[d]evelop a curriculum in partnership with the Department of Education and education experts and non-profits to disseminate to schools, teaching children appropriate online etiquette to mitigate online hate."

It's almost to ridiculous to believe it's real.

We, the taxpayers of this country, are paying the DHS our tax money to protect the citizens of this great country. That means that things might get a little messy sometimes and some people might get offended. But offending a few is worth far more than losing the lives of many. And we had to learn that lesson the hard way.

It's time we forced the DHS to get their act together. This has to stop. Now.

h/t: Daily Caller

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