Attn. General Holder Testifies At Senate Judiciary Hearing On Justice Dept Oversight

Holder finally admits that the "Hands up, don't shoot" mantra was an unabashed lie. Instead of blaming the witnesses who perjured themselves under oath for spreading the false tale, as well as declining to point the finger at the Liberal media feeding-frenzy, he suggested that the media and Americans should simply regard the fake testimony and wonder why how such a false claim would cause such a ruckus.

Holder even went so far as to blame the highly combustive situation of previous instances of police brutality. That illegal and misguided police actions were somehow responsible in making witnesses come up with a story of anger and hate, and be believed.

When witnesses recanted their stories in front of the Grand Jury, Eric continues to justify the fake facts making it into the records because the prosecution discounted those events as the forensic evidence told a completely different fact-based accounting of what really happened.

Finally, Eric's final report did confirm that the police officer's accounting of what transpired was confirmed by witness accounts.

This is important to consider, since President Obama is currently seeking to Federalize police practices across the United States. If that happens, then we have a serious problem, as the age-old Posse Comitatus Act stipulates that armed Federal forces are not to be used to police a civilian population. This is why the US Army can't take over your local police department. While there are some exclusions and limitations, the law allows most of those exclusions only during a natural disaster or large-scale crisis, such as an earthquake, or an armed invasion of foreign troops.

Federalizing the police of any city makes them an armed Federal force, even if it just applies to rules of engagement. Yet here we have Eric Holder, pointing fingers at everyone except the Liberal Pundits who ran with the false reports on almost every available news channel for months. Nor is he seemingly going after those witnesses who committed perjury. which is also a crime.

All of those local African-Americans who propagated the fake story and spent months looting and robbing local businesses also receive a get out of jail card.

I'm not wondering one bit why the Liberal population is kept out of harm's way when it comes to conforming to recognized Federal law. It's simply what they do these days. Eric Holder's Department of In-Justice has done its own fair share of race-baiting damage. Holder does score a couple of points for admitting to the truth of the matter, but this one tiny admission is no true mea culpa moment. His inaction in prosecuting the perjury cases is a loud and clear statement that it's okay to lie to the Grand Jury, with no consequences.

Why are we still not surprised?


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