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It cannot be said enough that socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money.  Bernie Sanders, as we know, is the skinflint Socialist running for the Democrat presidential ticket.

He does not care about your money, because he thinks it is his to disperse as he pleases.

His plan to help America, come 2017 should the nightmare of a Sanders presidential come to pass, is to raise taxes. You know…. to take your money away, so he can fund all of his freebies.

According to the Tax Policy Center, here is how a Sanders presidency would roll out in terms of Administrative revenue.

He would raise the federal rate on the top 0.1% earner to 63.7% Right now, it sits at 34.2% this Fiscal Year (2016). Let’s do the Common Core math shall we? That is a 29.5% increase in the taxes the job providers of the nation will be forking out. Roughly, 6.5-bucks for Bernie and 3.5-bucks for the earner, out of which that person gets to create jobs.

That is just the fed, so consider that many states have income tax as well, and some, like Stalag Kalifornya are astronomical.

If you are an Average Joe, a Middle Class American, you are going to be donating about $4,700.00 to Sanders’ cause. This means you lose out on another 8.5% of your income.

Yay!  Free!  Woo woo!

Wait, what happened to that free part?

Socialism is not free. It costs money and it requires stupid leach-people to get behind it. Unfortunately, Sanders has that voting block all wrapped up, packaged in a hand-basket with a pretty little bow, ready and waiting to be carted off to hell….dragging the rest of us along behind.

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