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"Go West, young man” is a phrase often credited to the American author Horace Greeley concerning America's expansion westward, and although I’ve taken a little creative license in referencing that phrase to ol Bernie Sanders as a young man, the substance of that phrase is true, in that if “ol Bernie” should actually pull out a win California, then this may be a new ballgame.

So says political analyst Douglas E. Schoen, who recently penned an article in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that if Hillary doesn’t win California there’s more then a “theoretical chance that Hillary Clinton may not be the Democratic nominee for the US presidential election.”

Schoen went onto explain that Hillary’s invincible persona as the presumptive Democratic nominee would be largely eviscerated, in short “gone, finished, kaput"!

The June 7th primary is shaping up to be a real nail-biter with a recent PPIC poll showing Clinton with a slight edge of only 2% over Sanders, and a Fox News survey found the same result.

California is clearly trending to Sanders, data from mid-May show that there were nearly 1.5 million newly registered Democratic voters in California since January 1. That's a 218% increase in Democratic voter registrations compared with the same period in 2012, a strongly encouraging sign for Sanders.

Moreover a Sanders win in California would no doubt underscore Clinton's weakness as a candidate in the general election, which in some polls has her in a statistical tie with Trump, and recent surveys from ABC News/Washington Post and Fox News shows her actually losing to Trump by a narrow margin of 2-3 points

Schoen also points out in his article that; "Bernie Sanders consistently runs stronger than she does against Mr. Trump nationally, beating him by about 10 points in a number of recent surveys.”
There are increasing rumblings within the party about how a new candidate could emerge at the convention. John Kerry, the 2004 nominee, is one possibility. But the most likely scenario is that Vice President Joe Biden would step in.

And of course there’s always that outside possibility that the FBI rather than “ol Bernie” may still change the political landscape.

Source: WSJ


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