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The irony of those individuals and organizations, who attempt to censor patriotic Americans from displaying their love of country, would not exist if it were not for those patriotic Americans and our unique “heritage.”

“A heritage” that seems almost forgotten among the politically correct crowd, especially within our everyday lives, as we witness this continuous erosion of our values, the latest and perhaps most disturbing trend seems to be taking place right in our own back yards, within local municipalities and even among local Home Owners Associations.

Who have in recent years targeted homeowners like this proud 60-year old Marine vet who was told he must take down “old glory” and his beloved Marine Corps Flag, because the flags are causing “irreparable damage” by “flapping” in the wind.

This Marine fought and sacrificed so that he and countless others could continue being free and to live within a society that respects those individual inalienable rights, granted to us by our unique heritage as “Americans.”

The impassioned 4-minute speech by Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas), chronicles this Marines battle with his association, and more importantly with other associations around the country, which are usually composed of individual homeowners, who hire council to advise them of potential issues that may pose a problem.

All it takes is one disgruntled homeowner who may have a personal vendetta against America, for them to fold like a house of cards.

However like this Marine, many homeowners are fighting back with innovative ways of displaying America’s colors… one even went to the extreme of painting his house “red white and blue!”



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