To truly understand where America is today, one needs to understand where America once stood, in terms of both civil rights and within the various political classes, in that it would be safe to assume that one of the most revered liberal Democrats, President John Kennedy would in all probability by today’s progressive standards, never have become president, and Civil Rights Leader Clarence Henderson by that same convoluted standard will never be acknowledged as a civil rights hero, because of his support for Trump.

Regardless of his civil rights history, today’s politically correct dogma is a far cry from those 60’s liberals and Henderson is just the latest to fall victim to an intolerant name calling mob disguised as political activists.


Henderson who once stood in defiance of segregation at a North Carolina lunch counter, is now vilified because he openly supports Trump stating; “Donald Trump is certainly not a politician, and politicians are a dime a dozen, but leaders are priceless.”

He continued: "He has proved to be a leader in the business field. Has he done everything right? No, certainly not. But I think that he has more at stake than Hillary does."
Apparently those comments and others, have infuriated many within the black community, and have created a firestorm of criticism among the progressive elite.

Moreover we’ve witnessed this intolerant dogma within our schools and universities which were once bastions of free expressions and individual thinking, where individualism was encouraged, and students were free to express themselves openly, without ridicules “free speech zones.”

In all likelihood if JFK were alive today, odds are he would have in all likelihood changed parties, and perhaps run as Trumps running mate.

Trump gave Henrderson a show of thanks himself:

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