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If any doubt remained, the First Lady of the United States once again proved that no matter where she wakes up – in the White House or on one of her many vacations, race is always the first thing on her mind.

Just as someone who cannot live in the present because they are unable to deal with the past, Michelle Obama seems to exist in a world of resentment over something that can never be changed – the past.

All the angst, anger, protesting, rioting, burning, looting and killing, all the signs and slogans and movements will not alter the truth that in 1640, Anthony Johnson, a black Angolan who had served out his indentured servitude and become a wealthy tobacco planter, made the first case that his ownership of a human being, another black man, was legal.

Nothing will change that or the fact that over 700,000 Americans, 90 percent of whom were white, went to war to settle the question and died.

The life Michelle Obama wakes to every day is not the past, but one where she is the wife of the most powerful man in the world, entitled by that fact alone and no individual achievement, to honor and luxury.

She wakes up with a staff of 18 assistants that cost U.S. taxpayers $1,198,870 in 2010 alone, including a full-time florist, trip director, director of correspondence, travel aide, chief of staff and private attorney, and chefs, maids, housekeepers, chauffeurs and guards who make the household she wakes up in run smoothly.

Yet, just as she ignores the white grandparents who raised her husband, she ignores the whites who also built the house she wakes up in – the Irish, the Scots and the other Europeans who also built the White House.

She also fails to mention the freed blacks who worked on the house she should be thankful to wake up in, because to say she wakes up in a house built by free and enslaved blacks, white American laborers and European immigrants doesn’t sound as dramatic as the phrase she likes to repeat.

It tells the tale of America as it was without skewing history fit the tale she wants to tell.

Our country has a history of slavery. It also has a history of ending slavery. Both are true.

Unfortunately, the first lady does not seem able to hold those two ideas mind simultaneously, because we are so much more than the sad, narrow, victimized view she refuses to let go of to keep the past alive as a restraint on the present – and the future.

See and hear Michelle in all her factually incorrect glory here:

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