Hillary talked a lot about a woman who Trump supposedly 'marginalized' twenty years ago in the first presidential debate. Hillary tried to use this woman as a poster child for her anti-Trump tirade, but it would seem she made one huge mistake. Maybe she should have done a little 'fact-checking' of her own before she paraded this woman around. Now it's too late and the entire world knows who this woman really is.

Now most people haven't heard the name Alicia Machado until the first presidential debate. Hillary did make sure to make her the centerpiece of one of her attacks on Trump, however, and make her name known.

The left would like to have you believe that former Miss Venezuela, Alicia Machado, was victimized by Trump. They claim that she was the victim of sexist comments made by Trump years ago.

Hillary is now using her to spearhead her false narrative that Trump is some sort of 'racist' 'sexist' monster. Hillary attacked Trump during the debate saying that Trump called her "Miss Piggy" because she had gained 50 pounds and "Miss Housekeeping" because she is Latina.

Like most load of crap the left tries to feed America, there's always more to the story. Once again, all the facts that Hillary never wanted to surface have done just that.

The woman claims that Trump's remarks made her anorexic and bulimic but Megyn Kelly just proved to the world that she had already had these issues before any of these accusations were even made.

It doesn't stop there. Hillary's 'golden girl' is, in all actuality, not what Hillary and the left would want you to believe. She is actually a hardcore porn star, murder accomplice, and drug lord concubine.

Mail Online reports that "In January 1998, the Associated Press revealed that Machado had been accused in court documents in Cadacras of driving her boyfriend from the scene of a shooting."

If this wasn't bad enough, after the judge told police to find the man responsible, the 'golden girl' threatened his life. She even admitted this to CNN's Anderson Cooper, but tried to deflect and say that Trump's past was the real issue.

It's hard to believe any word that comes out of woman's mouth with that type of rap sheet. It looks like Hillary and the rest of the Hillary camp were a little too busy 'fact checking' Trump to ever double check the 'facts' behind their blind attacks on Trump.

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Source: Mad World News


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