It’s always quite amusing when witnessing progressives attempting verbal jujitsu, in their attempt at defying simple logic. One such obvious example is within the simple word “illegal” to the vast majority of common sense and critical thinking individuals, that term needs no additional explanation or definition. However for progressives like Hillary Clinton “illegal” becomes a subjective term in that although the immigration law is quite explicit, Hillary seems to have no problem in turning that simple definition, inside out.

However when it comes to taxes, and in particular to Trump’s taxes and his taking legal itemized deductions as written within the IRS Tax Code, Hillary somehow implies something illegal or sinister.

And yet when it comes to Hillary’s own multinational corporate donors the term “legal” once again becomes subjective, perhaps Hillary’s concussion is a lot more serious than first reported, and she’s still confused.

However thanks to Ol Bernie Sanders who has been treated much like Donald Trump, by the Clinton gang, a little pay back seemed in order, as he publicly disclosed Hillary’s mega donors who have all to some extent “legally” dodged paying taxes, and in some cases paid no taxes.

Sanders by all accounts is a loony Socialist, and made taxes a big part of his campaign, and although Hillary played that same card decrying corporate welfare, she actually received mega donations from those same corporations.

The big 10 on Hillary’s mega donation list that “legally” dodge paying taxes are:

1. GENERAL ELECTRIC, posted $33.9 billion in U.S. profits, yet somehow got $2.9 billion in refunds

2. BOEING, over $20 billion in profits between 2008 and 2012 and paying an overall income tax rate of negative one percent during those years.

3. VERIZON, $30 billion in profits and paid a tax rate of 1.8%

4. BANK OF AMERICA, received $1.9 billion tax refund, despite $4.4 billion in profits

5. CITIGROUP, recipient of federal bailout, to the tune of $2.5 trillion.

6. PFIZER, $2.2 billion tax refund despite posting $43 billion in global profits.

7. FEDEX, $2.7 billion in profit, $135 million in tax refund.

8. HONEYWELL, $3 billion in combined profits, paid no federal income tax.

9. MERCK, $5.7 billion in profits, paid no federal income tax.

10. CORNING, $3.4 billion in profits, $10 million in tax refund.

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