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In a speech responding to Donald Trump's undressing of her candidacy, Hillary paused for dramatic effect, placed both hands on the inside collar of her jacket, and exclaimed "sigh".

No, this was not a heavy exhale meant to convey tangible human emotion, Hillbot-9000, like some kind of cheap Ron Burgundy knock off,  actually said the word "sigh" out loud.

How can she bad so bad at this? This latest gaffe just leaves the viewer in awe more than the normal shock, and anger.

Watching Hillary parade around the country in Quixotic fashion is more akin to watching Shaquille O'Neal shoot free throws than listening to a career public speaker, you know, speak.

This is a person who has been a politician her entire life, and still cannot master the most basic aspects of her job.

It has gotten to the level now where you can imagine President Hillary negotiating treaties with China,only to leave her Mic on as she goes into the bathroom, accidentally revealing our nation's biggest secrets to a room full of Chinese leaders.

I half expect the transcripts of her Goldman Sachs speeches to be leaked via an accidental tweet she sends while sitting in the bathroom. She wants to be president soooo badly that the entirety of America has become the pretty girl Hillary just can't help but become awkward around at school.

I need this woman to be a presidential candidate every 4 years for the rest of my life. She is the best comedy on television.

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