Recently U.S. Herald reported on a strange man that has been seen standing near Hillary at almost every event that she has had on the campaign trail. At first glance the man appears to be secret service but upon closer look it appears that his purpose is something else entirely.

There have been a few distinguishing details that differentiate this man from the rest of the secret service detail.

First off instead of being able to spot a gun as you might expect to see on a secret service member there have been photos snapped of a strange syringe that the man has been seen carrying, never more than a few feet from Hillary Clinton during her many speeches while she has been campaigning.

Another key tip off to the man's true purpose is the peculiar behavior that has been observed after Hillary had a bit of a melt down mid-speech.

Hillary reportedly froze unexpectedly during a campaign stop at a Las Vegas union hall on August 4th. She appeared to be dazed and unaware of her surroundings and what was going on around her.

Immediately after this took place Hillary's 'handler' was seen rushing to her side and began rubbing her back. As the man rubbed her back he was heard speaking the words "You're OK. Keep talking."

After this strange behavior has been observed time and time again Twitter users and the media soon caught hold of this interesting Hillary secret.

Many different news sources and prominent Twitter users began reporting on the puzzling goings on on the Hillary campaign trail and the mystery 'handler' specifically.

Many have speculated that the man may be there as Hillary's personal doctor and may be there to help for her reported seizures.

What is even more peculiar is what happened after the media caught hold of this compelling story.

The doctor/handler has since disappeared without a trace.

It would seem that Hillary feared that the public was starting to discover another one of her countless weaknesses and instead of handling the matter in an honest and direct way she has done away with the man in typical Hillary secretive fashion.

Let's just hope he's not one more body in the massive body count that is quickly piling up around the Hillary machine's war path.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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