Another shady situation associated with a very shady lady has come to light. Imagine our shock when it was learned that Hillary Clinton might be tied to the Panama Papers.

Given that investigation into the Panama Papers is just beginning, and it is very complicated and confusing, we are only seeing the tip of a very large iceberg.

So, what is her link to the Panama Papers? For now, it is tenuous, but her name comes up nonetheless. It appears to be a haven for tax evaders and run through a bank in Panama.

Surprisingly those people making the news, for now, are liberals. Those would be the people whose tax plans are anywhere from 5-for-me (government), 1-for-you, all the way up to Sanders’s supposed plan which is all about the 9-for-me and 1-for-you formula.

The Clinton-Panama Connection is one her associates. Sidney Blumenthal, appears to have been the go-between for connection between Clinton and billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, as well as former Georgian Prime Minister. How was this connection discovered? By email! Bwahahaha. How ironic is that?

The Panama Papers scandal is sure to be an interesting one. What isn’t that woman associated with when it comes to shady dealings?

Technically, she isn’t directly associated with this. Yet.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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