Republican Donald Trump has called Clinton weak and unfit, which may or may not be true, but, the American public has the right to know whether a candidate will be able to fulfill the obligations of the office they seek – the most stressful, demanding job in the world.

The 60-something president had a history of health issues, but had been performing the duties of the office and serving as commander-in-chief during a time of war.

The reelection campaign was rigorous, and even supporters noticed the president’s exhaustion, but the press looked the other way.

After the November win and January inaugural, the president was able to concentrate on ending the conflicts abroad and bringing the troops home, but less than 90-days later, the president collapsed and the vice-president, a little-known junior senator, found himself in the Oval Office for only the second time in his life.

In 1944, when he was running for re-election, Franklin Roosevelt knew he was dying.

A specialist advised Roosevelt he lacked the physical capacity to serve for another four years.

Roosevelt – whether because he believed only he could bring the world war to a successful close, or because he was reluctant to cede power after nearly a dozen years in office – ran anyway.

He died without knowing of Hitler’s suicide just three weeks later, the fall of Nazi Germany and the surrender of Japan – and possibly without much thought to the position he had placed Vice-President Harry Truman – and the nation in by his insistence on running.

In April 1945, Truman was unaware of a top-secret project that offered him the means to bring the war in the Pacific to a swift end, saving both allied and enemy combatant and civilian lives; he had never been briefed on the Manhattan Project.

The Clinton machine has dismissed questions about her prolonged coughing fits, pallid appearance, unsteadiness and history of falling, fainting, concussions, blood clot, high blood pressure and hypothyroidism – as not only inappropriate, but sexist.

But after Clinton, who will be 69 next month, was forced to leave official ceremonies commemorating the terror attacks of 9/11 – stumbling, rigid and trembling, and unable to bear her own weight as her security detail bundled her into the “Scooby” van, even the left-leaning Washington Post admitted that the state of her health is an issue.

Even worse for Clinton, however, was the disastrous handling of incident by her campaign, which imposed an immediate blackout on information, providing ample opportunity for speculation.

Ninety-minutes later, a spokesman told the press that Clinton had become “overheated” at Ground Zero – where the temperature was a moderate 80º with a breeze.

By the end of the afternoon, her personal physician announced that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia – on Friday.

So, with exactly 2-weeks until the first presidential debate and less than 60-days until Election Day, it is no longer a matter of whether a President Hillary Clinton would be able to fulfill the duties of the office.

The real question may well be: Would a Vice-President Sen. Tim Kaine be ready to take over in a literal heartbeat?

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