Tensions have been rising in America with regard to the issue of police brutality. There's no use dancing around the issue; it's an issue that needs to be addressed by all people in America.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton has just proved that the Democratic party and liberals everywhere are more interested in riling up the situation against the men and women who are serving their communities as officers than in bringing forth valued solutions.

In a speech before the NAACP, Clinton shied away from speaking about any kind of policy changes or procedures that need to be put in place. Instead, she focused on egging on the crowd.

"[The police situation] won't progress until we rule out implicit violence and stop the killing of African Americans," Clinton said to applause and cheers.

She continued in her speech to only throw out rhetorical strategies used to rile up people.

"Many African Americans fear the police," Clinton intoned. Her remarks drew boos and shouts from the obviously-biased crowd.

Evoking a call-and-response situation, Clinton said "I can hear you," to which even more of the crowd responded. Then she kept riling up the crowd, saying "Some of you in this room," she stated, implying that they were the victims of police brutality.

While it's verifiable that African Americans are affected by police, so are we all. Every single citizen in this country should understand that if you pull a gun on a police officer, or if you make motions like you're about to pull a gun, you're going to be in trouble. This should be common knowledge.

But instead of speaking about the need for communities to work together with police, Clinton chose to push hot-button topics with cute statements instead of pledging to sit down and fix things.

There can be no doubt, she's so full of hot air that when she actually faces a challenger in a debate, she'll fall flat on her face.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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