Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's email server is the gift that keeps on giving. While some of the quirks and problems that people are highlighting are just that, quirks, others show a darker side to the former Secretary's work.

Among those revelations that can be attributed to Clinton's darker side is the recent news that Clinton emailed her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, by using an alias for Chelsea. That alias was Diane Reynolds and Clinton reached on out multiple occasions to bring her daughter in on policy discussions.

First we must deal with the issue of using an alias. For Hillary to email her daughter Chelsea is no big deal. Everyone has personal lives and even mixing personal emails with her work-related emails isn't the biggest deal ever.

But this is Clinton, we're talking about, so we have to dig deeper.

Why was Clinton using an alias to email her daughter? Was she afraid that she might be caught doing something wrong?

Apparently that may be the real issue, thanks to emails that have surfaced that show Clinton sharing briefings about Libya with Diane Reynolds, a.k.a. Chelsea Clinton.

"I'm sitting in the Libya mtg, wondering what other shoe will drop," Clinton emailed to Chelsea in June 2011. That places the email thread right about the time that the U.S. was conducting bombing raids in the North African country and just before Gaddafi was put out of power.

What makes Clinton's short sentence to her daughter dangerous, however, is the fact that she refers to "the Libya mtg" as if Chelsea should already know what that's about. While it's possible that the information being shared back and forth was public knowledge, it's also extremely likely that Clinton gave her daughter some private intel about what was about to happen.

Is this the worst news we've heard about Clinton? Definitely not. But it is cause for worry and bears further investigation.

h/t: Hannity

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