Hillary Clinton's emails are likely the most open window into the inner workings of Washington that regular people not embroiled in the scandals of politics will witness. Though many of her emails do consist of boring, everyday things like setting up a new iPad and asking an aid to remind Clinton to bring extra tea cups to her office, there are also juicy tidbits which point to the scheming that takes place under Washington's surface.

Most recent of these schemes to surface is an email sent to Hillary by a longtime friend and political adviser Sidney Blumenthal. Blumenthal didn't work for the State Department--though Hillary tried to get him hired amid a lot of pushback from Obama's White House--but he did provide regular political advice and information to Hillary.

One such piece of advice advised Hillary on the potential of impeaching conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas due to allegations that Thomas had pornography that was located at his workplace.


Blumenthal's email to Hillary, which was marked as "Confidential," contained a memo from David Brock recounting the experience of a prosecutor and judge who says that Thomas had a romantic relationship with her at the same time that he was under investigation for sexually harassment charges filed by Anita Hill, another co-worker.

Though the memo does nothing more than recount a series of Washington Post and New York Times articles that featured Anita Hill's story, it does bring into question whether or not Hillary was actively seeking ways to remove a conservative member of the Supreme Court and pave the way for a more liberal justice to take Thomas's place.

Hillary has become quite adept at proclaiming her innocence when it comes to sketchy involvement in scandals and political schemes, but this is absolute proof that her time in Washington was spent working towards increasing her party's power and reach over America.

h/t: Daily Caller

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