Why is it no surprise that Hillary Clinton is caught up in something dishonest?  Hillary Clinton, associated with the likes of Saul Alinsky, and once part of the laughably “transparent” Obama administration has found herself on the receiving end of a David Petraeus type of investigation. Of course nothing she discussed in her magically missing emails was classified. Heavens no! Taking a play from Lois Lerner’s playbook, the emails are lost, deleted, gone forever, and cannot be found or recovered.

Are they really gone forever? Doesn’t look like it. At least not all of them...

Enter the trained, techno savvy, computer forensics specialists that work for the FBI. They have managed to recover 40 Clinton emails, so there is hope they will be able to recover more, but it yielded some interesting information.

What is truly damning is computer record show Hillary requesting a book with a chapter called “How to Delete Something So It Stays Deleted.” WOW!

It is a scary thought that one of our elected officials, past, present, and future, would stoop so low so as to ensure the business they do for the “good” of our country is deleted forever.

Clinton is taking it in stride. This is nonsense, don’t you know? It “…comes with the territory of running for president”, according Clinton’s Communications Director, Jennifer Palmieri. Really? We basically have dishonest, email-deleting, can’t-catch-me, “transparent” types running for president? Or just Clinton? Nobody else running appears to have this problem. Then again, nobody else served as Secretary of State and oversaw the Benghazi debacle.

We can only hope that the FBI can find the emails and unravel the mysteries within. While Clinton proclaims that she did nothing wrong, the rest of us have to wonder why she deleted her emails, wiped her server, and conveniently lost them in an attempt to make them “gone forever?”


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