The controversy over Hillary Clinton's private email server has taken another turn for the worse with the news that the company Clinton hired to manage her email server kept its servers in a bathroom closet.

Described by former employees as a "mom-and-pop-type" of a company, Platte River Networks, a Denver, Colorado-based IT company, apparently ran its business out of a small residential apartment until just this year. That means that Hillary's emails were stored by the company when it was still a relatively minor operation.

While it remains unclear how such a small network company could attract so prestigious a client as Clinton, the fact remains that Clinton's declarations that her emails were safe and secure may be even more false than otherwise appeared.

Employees who knew that Clinton was storing her emails in the company's servers kept it hushed, but that didn't stop the FBI from obtaining the servers from Platte River Networks as part of the ongoing investigation into whether or not Hillary received and sent classified information using a personal email server--something that is strictly against policy.

Furthermore, the fact that Clinton entrusted all of her email correspondence to such a small company raises flags, as does the small-time nature of the company that she used. Why, if Hillary was dead-set on using a private server, did she hire such a small company to do it? And why a company based out of Denver and not the East Coast?

To the point that the servers were stored in the bathroom we can concede that the location of the servers may not play a huge role in the controversy. The only really disturbing point of where the server was stored could be that it was more available for hackers.

The controversy, though, keeps getting more convoluted and more confusing. Though it seems unlikely that Clinton possessed nefarious purposes in housing her emails in a Denver-based bathroom, the suspicions are becoming overwhelming.

h/t: Daily Mail

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