If you spend much time on Facebook and other forms of social media then you've probably noticed a bunch of social media users providing what seem to be cookie-cutter responses or intentionally trying to provoke GOP supporters into arguments and major reactions about Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The Stream reports that these canned responses and arguments are actually being made by paid "trolls" - people employed by a certain super PAC that is supporting Hillary. Their main purpose is to try to fight back against any negative media and attention that Hillary is receiving on social media during the campaign season.

They are trying to counter any arguments or comments about Hillary and are getting paid to do so.

The super PAC called the Correct The Record has poured over $6 million into an online campaign crafted to create the false sense that Hillary has much more support from the American public online than she actually does, via these fake paid accounts.

A high level exec at the digital media consulting firm Craft Media/Digital told the L.A. Times recently, "It is meant to appear to be coming organically from people and their social media networks in a groundswell of activism, when in fact it is highly paid and highly tactical."

"That is what the Clinton campaign has always been about," CEO Brian Donahue explained. "It runs the risk of being exactly what their opponents accuse them of being: a campaign that appears to be populist but is a smokescreen that is paid and brought to you by lifetime political operatives and high-level consultants.

This isn't the first time Hillary has been known to use this type of conniving tactic. She used the same tactics back in 2008 and then again in the campaign cycle against Dem. rival Bernie Sanders this year.

"If anyone criticizes a Sanders supporter online now, there’s doubt over whether it’s a genuine exchange or if it’s something that Correct the Record is behind," David Fredrick, co-founder and moderator of the subreddit “SandersForPresident,” explained to The Atlantic in an interview back in May.

A few of these "trolls" have been discovered and shut down by Trump and Sanders supporters, once they were outed for having direct ties to the Hillary aligned super PAC.

So next time you see a very vocal Hillary supporter on social media repeatedly posting responses that seem just a bit too cookie cutter, there's a good chance they're getting paid to do it and they're not even a real supporter. The best way to fight these sorts of "trolls" is to just realize what they really, insignificant and not feed into their provocative ways. That's exactly what they want. It's time social media like Facebook get's taken back by the people who have a real voice and aren't just another one of Hillary's paid lemmings.

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Source: Conservative Tribune



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