Amid the release of another slew of emails from Hillary Clinton's ill-advised private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State comes news that she may have abused her power in other, more lucrative ways.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal and other news outlets, a curious coincidence between Hillary's involvement with a Swiss bank and an increase of funding to the Clinton Foundation is drawing major attention.

In 2009, Hillary was called on to help the United States Justice Department solve an issue with Swiss Bank UBS AG. The Justice Department wanted the names and financial information of over 50,000 individuals who it claimed were dodging taxes by illegally holding money in UBS's banks. UBS, of course, didn't want to release that information--per typical Swiss bank policies and ideals.

Hillary, however, apparently wielded her influence over both parties and settled the matter by having UBS submit approximately 4,500 names to the Justice Department. And apparently that settled things for both sides.

The story gets more interesting, though, when donations from UBS increased ten times after the settlement was reached. Prior to 2008, UBS had donated about $60,000 to the Clinton Foundation, an unremarkable sum for a large bank involved in charity work around the world.

But by the end of 2014 that amount grew to $600,000 in addition to a $1.5 million speaking fee that UBS paid to Hillary's husband and foundation co-sponsor Bill Clinton.

So Hillary steps in and saves a Swiss bank and then that same bank, by absolute coincidence, increases the amount it donates to her foundation and also pays her husband a steep fee to speak at one of the bank's retreats?

As in all things, correlation does not indicate causality. But it sure looks fishy the more attention that is paid to this issue.

Whether or not Hillary used her position at the State Department to influence foreign banks to donate money to her foundation is a secondary point of concern. The larger and more immediate point is that this woman wants to be President.

Not so fast Hillary. Let's make sure you can do things honestly and ethically before any American even thinks about putting you at the helm.

h/t: Hot Air



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