Recently a video of Hillary Clinton collapsing at the 9/11 memorial has surfaced on the internet and gone viral. The video shows just how grim Clinton's medical condition truly is no matter how hard her campaign managers have been trying to hide it. However, a string of very peculiar events have taken place since the infamous collapse that lead many to believe that things are far from OK back at the Clinton Camp.

After Clinton's medical disaster, where her limp body had to be dragged to the motorcade and placed in the handicap van, she somehow was able to emerge from her daughter Chelsea's apartment only 45 minutes later looking energized and fresh as ever.

The Clinton campaign has been remarkably quiet following the public collapse at the memorial, a bit too quiet. Now rumors are surfacing and many have claimed that the reason for all the secrecy and odd behavior is that it was not Hillary Clinton at all that emerged from Chelsea's apartment refreshed and healthy, but rather a body double.

Many think that this was a ploy orchestrated by the Clinton campaign to once again keep the public in the dark about what is really going on behind closed doors in the Clinton camp.

Part of the reason that people are so skeptical is the strange manner that Clinton's campaign managers dealt with the press after the collapse and the fact that they said nothing about where they were taking Clinton during her medical crisis.

It wasn't just the conservative journalists that were kept in the dark. Seasoned reporters from both sides were denied access and outraged by the behavior of the campaign's media blackout. The liberal leaning Politico even stated, "[A]ccording to Politico Playbook quoting USA Today’s Eliza Collins – Clinton’s pool reporter on Sunday – ‘the campaign kept her in the dark about Clinton’s whereabouts."

Medical experts across the country have all agreed that with the severity of Clinton's medical episode she should have been rushed directly to the nearest hospital. Instead after over 90 minutes of silence to the media the Clinton camp informed reporters that Clinton had in fact been taken to Chelsea's apartment.

Naturally reporters rushed over to the apartment to get to the bottom of what really happened. When they arrived on scene the odd behavior only continued and raised more questions.

For starters, the entrance to the apartment was blocked off and reporters were corralled across the street so as not to let them have too close a look at the woman emerging from Chelsea's apartment that they were claiming to be Hillary Clinton.

Secondly, they had set up a large perimeter around the entrance to the building to prevent anyone from any angle from getting to close to her as she emerged into the public eye. That's about the time that people on social media started to ask questions.


People began to wonder if the woman that emerged from the building was really even Hillary Clinton at all. The woman that emerged from the building appeared to be younger and thinner than the Hillary that collapsed only minutes earlier.

In fact the Inquisitor even had this to say regarding the reemergence of 'Clinton':

"One of the most interesting parts of the video [Hillary exiting Chelsea’s apartment] of the potential Clinton body double is the absence of anyone around her. All through her 2016 campaign, Clinton has always been surrounded by an entourage. The majority of the entourage that are attached to Clinton are members of the Secret Service. No agents are seen with Clinton as she exits the apartment building. When have you ever seen Hillary Clinton with no one around her?"

The manner that she emerged is strange as well. She came out of the building without the mysterious handler that has been seen never more than a few feet from her. There are is also no secret service within a close enough distance to shield her prom any potential attackers. And they'e kept the press way far away so as not to allow anyone to get too close to her.

Then they allowed a young girl to come through the barricades to take a picture with Hillary. Wouldn't that be a bit dangerous if she is so sick that she collapsed only moments ago and her campaign handlers have told the press that she has been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Hillary does have a body double that has been trained to act and sound exactly like Hillary that has been impersonating Hillary since 1990. The woman's name is Teresa Barnwell, 61 and has been working for the Clintons for years.

The claims that it may not have been Hillary who emerged, but rather her body double seem to have a lot of substance too them. It would make sense as a last ditch effort to save the campaign seeing as after the collapse confidence in Clinton has fallen just about as fast as she did.

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Source: Mad World News



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