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Identity politics is something that progressives have always practiced, and Hillary is a master at cherry picking certain individuals that fit nicely into her narrative.

Simply listen to any of her speeches on any issue, and no doubt identity politics will eventually rear its ugly head.

Perhaps the most notorious example of identity politics was played out in public during ol hound-dog Bills many sexual scandals, in particular the Monica Lewinsky escapade, when Hillary a big advocate for woman’s rights went on damage control and virtually on a smear campaign destroying the reputation of then intern Lewinsky and scores of other woman, with some actually being sexually assaulted by the president.

So it should come as no surprise that Hillary would congratulate a Muslim wearing a hijab for competing at the Olympics in Rio, while totally ignoring the first American gold medalist, because it involved a firearm.

No doubt the snub was for the benefit of her supporters. Who have made gun control a center piece of their platform, regardless of the fact that sharp-shooting is an Olympic event and of course should be beyond political spin.

Moreover as a presidential nominee it’s only fitting that Hillary should have congratulated 19-year Ginny (Virginia) Thrasher for bringing home the gold, and for her outstanding skill, at beating out Chinese competitors Yi Siling in the Women’s 10-meter air rifle competition.

Ironically its skilled marksmen like Thrasher and those Secret Service agents with guns that keep political hacks like Clinton and Obama safe and secure.


What deserves recognition? Winning gold for your nation or wearing a scarf on your head? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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