Recently released emails by the State Department of Clinton’s emails while revealing, in actuality only uncovers the tip of the iceberg, and one can only imagine what additional information was purposely deleted and perhaps lost forever within those 30,000 “personal emails” by the then Secretary of State.

It seems obvious to any rational thinking individual that the court mandated releasing of emails was forced on Hillary and company and although these emails detail arming Libyan opposition groups using private security contractors before the fall of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011 – though at the time, the opposition was not formally recognized by the U.S. or United Nations, which prohibited arming without following strict guidelines and oversight, just imagine what was deleted.

To make matters even a bit more bizarre the State Department citing the sensitive nature of the released emails “redacted” a key line within those emails, however the "un-redacted" version was sent to the congressional Benghazi Select Committee. The emails showed Clinton appearing to endorse the idea of using private contractors to her then-deputy chief of staff, Jake Sullivan.

And while one can appreciate the State Departments diligent effort to protect sensitive information, one can’t help but wonder how much information was “hacked” by foreign governments because of Clinton desire to bypass a more secure government controlled cyber infrastructure for a less than secure private email account and personal server.

One tidbit of information seems especially interesting:  “FYI. The idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered,” Clinton wrote to Sullivan on April 8, 2011, attaching an intelligence report from Hillary’s adviser Sidney Blumenthal. The opposition was known as the Transitional National Council, or TNC.

And yet another email released by the State Department shows that five days earlier, on April 3, 2011, Bill Clinton said he would not rule out arming the Libyan opposition. The story was circulated by Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s principal personal adviser at the State Department, to “H.” While it’s not clear who “H” is, based on the message traffic it is likely Hillary Clinton or possibly adviser Huma Abedin.


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