Hillary went to speak at a campaign event for veterans to feign her support for our nation's military. Seeing as none of her own supporters even show up to her campaign event, it came as no surprise that there were very few of our nation's heroes that chose to show up to here her spew more lies to them. The few that did were more than a little surprised when she claimed that she was responsible for taking out Osama Bin Laden. One navy SEAL in particular, the one that took the shot was especially disappointed and had one epic response for Hillary.

It must be hard for Hillary to tell the difference between the truth and lies when she tells so many herself. Most of her mindless followers are willing to believe any load of crap that she dishes out. Veterans at the American Legion National Convention are a little more keen to her lies.

Needless, to say they were outraged when Hillary took credit for their work to kill the terrorist leader of Al-Qaeda, especially when she was safe and sound thousands of miles away when the assault on Bin Laden's compound actually took place.

The Navy SEAL who actually killed Bin Laden, Rob O'Neil, had a little something to say to Hillary when he spoke to Fox News about Hillary's pathetic claim.

O'Neil demonstrated his point by using the famous picture of Obama, Clinton, and the rest of Obama's cabinet sitting in the room when SEAL Team 6 was ordered to take the shot. O'Neil explained that the rest of his team and him all received visits from everyone in the picture to thank them for their great service and heroism.

The only one who didn't visit to congratulate them, Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Hillary stood up in front of a group of our nation's heroes, claimed credit for their service, and then desperately tried to persuade them that she would be the best person to take the Commander-in-Chief role.

"I was deeply honored to be part of that small group advising the president," said Hillary Clinton when addressing the veterans. "I brought to those discussions my experience as a senator from New York on 9/11 and my commitment to do whatever I could in whatever role I had to bring bin Laden to justice."

Frankly, this is just a disgrace. She can't accomplish anything of any significance on her own so she feels that she has to steal from those that have already given so much to our country, many of which have paid the ultimate price, their life, in service to our country. Somebody who feels that they must take even more from our nation's heroes has no right holding the lives of these brave men and women in her hands.

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Source: Mad World News


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