If I were [score]Hillary Clinton[/score], I’d be extremely careful in picking a fight with this “mama grizzly!

And if she does this will indeed be an interesting battle between a self aggrandized leftist feminist, who has enabled and assisted her husband for decades in sexually assaulting woman, while also amassing considerable wealth from donations and speaking engagements from Islamic countries that willfully abuse women.

One [score]Sarah Palin[/score], a true feminist and the former governor of Alaska who fought single-handedly against a corrupt Alaskan Republican political machine that was in power for decades and won, and ending her career as perhaps one of the best governor’s on record, in Alaska.

So it should come as no surprise when Clinton attempted to denigrate Palin’s endorsement of Trump with a foolish posting on her Facebook page that this “mamma grizzly” would fight back!

The posting began; “Sarah Palin’s got Trump’s back,” and continued suggesting that if Clinton’s supporters want to keep Republicans like Trump and Palin out of the White House, then they should sign up for Clinton’s Facebook updates, the post ended with: “We can’t afford a Republican in the White House. Sarah Palin is standing with Trump. Fight back.”

The response to the post, was classic Palin; “It’s what you do for deserving public servants, Hillary, so darn right we’ll have our next President’s back… better than you had the backs of our guys in Benghazi. PS – all those blue Bernie signs really pop here in the Iowa snow”!


What seems obvious is that Trump and Palin have the same mindset, hit me once; we’ll hit you twice as hard!

h/t: Daily Caller


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