Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have caught a very 'lucky' break in avoiding federal criminal charges by the FBI for mishandling classified information, but she is not out of the woods just yet. She still may end up facing charges for blatantly lying about it.

In fact, the FBI may be opening up a new investigation to determine if Hillary committed perjury under oath. The charges are twofold.

First, she may have falsely signed a sworn court declaration and standard exit form declaring that she had handed over every one of her work-related emails when she had obviously not done so.

The second offense might be that she lied under oath during her Benghazi Select Committee testimony.

Breitbart reports that during James Comey's questioning on Thursday morning following his testimony about the investigation, House Oversight Committee chair Jason Chaffetz asked Comey if they had investigated perjury, more specifically Hillary lying under oath.

Comey answered by saying that they had not yet done so, but were prepared to if Congress submitted the necessary referral for such an investigation.

Chaffetz chuckled and responded, "You'll have one."

During the Benghazi hearing, Hillary said she had turned over all of her work-related emails, and that her attorneys had poured over each document on her private server and that not a single one was marked classified.

Comey's testimony onThursday morning about the investigation points to the high likelihood that Hillary blatantly lied and may be guilty of the future charges to come.

We can only hope that this time justice is actually served and Hillary doesn't manage to slither her way out of this one. Please share on Facebook and help nail her down once and for all!

Source: Conservative Tribune


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