Recent financial reports just released show that Hillary Clinton has taken a shocking amount of campaign donations as the Democratic Presidential Nominee, but what is much more startling than the amount itself is where these donations are coming from.

Reports indicate that some $122.7 million has been contributed to Hillary's presidential bid by hedge funds, as is reported by a nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, according to Market Watch.

That's nearly seven times the amount of money that Obama received in donations during his Presidential campaign in 2008 from like groups when he was only a candidate.

What is truly alarming is the steep rise in hedge fund donations over the past few years. Seven times that of 2008 and over two times the amount that was contributed in the 2012 elections.

However, Hillary Clinton has definitely benefitted the most from this trend increase in Hedge Fund donations, as Market Watch reports that 14 percent of Hillary Clinton's finances for her campaign have come directly from this type of high-risk, high-yield financial institutions.

When we compare this to Trump's donations the difference is not even close. Trump has only received $19,000 in campaign finance donations from hedge funds. That's right Hillary received roughly 6,500 time more money from hedge funds than Donald Trump.

This is very interesting when you think about Hillary's message that she has the strong ability to "stand up to" wall street and the other financial institutions that the liberals deem as so evil.

It would seem that instead of standing up to these financial institutions she is actually being fueled by them, and that doesn't even look at the $21 million that she hasn't put up any fight in receiving from Goldman Sachs and similar financial institutions.

This two-faced lying woman cannot seem to stop with the hypocrisy. Luckily for us, all those extra millions don't seem to be helping her much as she and Trump are now neck-and-neck according to recent polls.

This is especially bad for Hillary when considering the trend that Bernie Sanders supporters have already began to lose confidence in Hillary and refused to support her as a result of the leaked documents showing her corruption and conspiracy against Sanders. Now with her taking the very institutions in with open arms that Sanders spoke out against so strongly when he was still in the race it's going to be hard for her to glean any of their support at all.

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Source: Conservative Tribune



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