Out of the blue Hillary Clinton cancelled her fundraising trip to North Carolina. Only a few hours after the announcement, one of North Carolina's major cities was lit ablaze by angry violent rioters in order to protest police. Like always, when asked why Hillary cancelled her trip she gave no response. Instead, she responded in typical Hillary fashion, by attacking police below the belt.

It's rather remarkable that Hillary is even in contention anymore seeing as her events are sparsely populated at best. It must be difficult to follow her campaign schedule seeing as she is constantly sick. She must have known that all her voters would be busy setting the city ablaze and looting to make an appearance.

We can't know for sure why Hillary ended up cancelling her trip to Charlotte just before the anti-police chaos, but we definitely know who's side she's on in the matter. Her pathetic statement shows exactly what side of the thin blue line she's on and why.

While enjoying a bit of relief that she wouldn't have to embarrass her self at another event she heard news of what her supporters were doing, and instead of trying to quell the riots she tossed more fuel on the fire.

Seeing as she's just as much of a criminal as the rest of them if not more, it's easy to see how she would write such an outrageous Tweet supporter her fellow thugs crimes.

Neither her nor her supporters believe they should be held accountable when they break the law so they naturally can bond over a mutual hatred of the people in charge of enforcing those laws and keeping us all safe.

Hillary blamed the police and made sure to absolve all of her thug flock of their sins.

"Another unarmed Black man was shot in a police incident. This should be intolerable. We have so much work to do," Hillary Tweeted this past Tuesday.

She continued to demonstrate her inability to form coherent sentence with a second Tweet that read: "Keith Lamont Scott. Terence Crutcher. Too many others. This has got to end. -H"

So she's likely too sick to stand and address her thug supporters in person, and she's clearly not mentally sound enough even string a few sentences together on social media. Remind me again, how is she even eligible to run for president?

Just like always with these people, they choses to jump to the only conclusion they can see. That a cop shot an unarmed black man just reaching for a book. However, the reality is a black cop shot a black man, who didn't actually have a book, but rather a gun.

Hillary supporters are all the same, only choosing to believe the facts that they want to see. Just as Hillary taught them, any facts that they don't find favorable just lie about and pretend they don't exist. Well here's a little news flash for you Hillary: You can delete all the emails in the world but you can't delete the facts!

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Source: Mad World News


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