Hillary Clinton prides herself on the false notion that she is a woman "for the people." When it really comes down to it she only cares about the people that she gains to benefit from. There was a lot of talk during the debate about whether or not each candidate behaved in a 'presidential' manner or not. Well this little flashback to an incident with the secret service gives a little foresight into how 'presidential' Hillary might be if she were elected president.

In 2014 there was a book published, written by FBI agent Gary Aldridge, called "Unlimited Access" that detailed his experiences while in the bureau. Aldridge explained the multiple experiences that he had good and bad, and some of the less desirable ones came as a result of being with the first family during the 1990's.

The not so 'presidential' presidential candidate Hillary Clinton definitely made an impact in these experiences, it's not the type that she would like to get out to the public.

U.K. Daily mail reports that Hillary was a monster to work with and incredibly rude to just about every person she came into contact with. She was nasty to her secret service agents and the rest of the White House staff.

The lazy presidential hopeful tried to force a secret service agent to carry her luggage at one point, which was in no way part of his duties. When he politely declined, Hillary couldn't take it. She exploded in a fit of rage.

"Stay the f*** away from me! Just f***ing do as I say!" Clinton reportedly screamed at the secret service agent.

If she wont even treat the people that would jump in front of a bullet for her with respect then how do you think she is going to treat the rest of the American population, especially those that oppose her or stand in her way? That's not the type of 'presidential' behavior that the American people want to see from their president and that's exactly what were going to get if Hilary is elected.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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