The “fog-of war…” When was the last time we heard that? Wasn’t it anchor, Brian Williams, who claimed fog-of-war when it came to riding in chopper under fire?

Wasn’t Hillary Clinton supposedly shot at in sniper fire while running for duck-and-cover at some point? Was that lie the result of fog-of-war?

Well, the fog-of-war has struck her again. This time with respect to her failure in overseeing the State Department at the time the terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy occurred.

On September 11th, 2012, Ambassador Chris Stephens and military personnel appear to have been proverbially abandoned. Stephens was drug through the streets as a trophy. In total four Americans met death at the hands of terrorists waiting and hoping for a rescue that would never come.

Hillary was asked, on-air, by her good buddy, George Stephanopoulos, about accusations of lying regarding a YouTube video. Specifically, the families of the fallen are levying these accusations.  

Here is what she had to say after claiming to “understand” the loss of children, and she answered all of the questions during that grueling 11-hour testimony before the investigative panel.

She went on;

“This was a fast moving series of events in the fog-of-war, and I think most Americans understand.”

(Pause the clip at that point (1:48), and take a look at the fury on her face.)

This “fog of war” sounds mentally disabling. Yet, she is the Democrat Party hopeful for the presidency of the United States.

Do we really want a president struck with randomly convenient fog-of-war mental illness?

You decide.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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