For the past 18-months, since the New York Times first reported on the existence of a secret server used by Hillary Clinton during the entire term of her tenure as President Obama’s first secretary of state from 2008 through 2013, the perception has been that investigations by the Inspector General and the FBI have centered around that unauthorized use that almost certainly exposed classified information to hacking by foreign entities.

Now, however, there is confirmation that the FBI has had the Clinton’s family foundation under investigation for a possible “pay-to-play” set-up that funneled massive funds in a triangulation between Clinton’s state department, the foundation and a private company, Teneo, set up to benefit Bill Clinton.

Concerns that not only access to Clinton in her official capacity was more readily available if a sizable donation to the family foundation had been made, but that a favorable nod to a project or country would be forthcoming after a big donation spurred the investigation, even as the country concentrated on the separate, parallel probe into her unauthorized email set-up.

Now it has been revealed by officials in more than one government agency that secret audio of a suspect, which career agents at the FBI believed supported continued investigation, were dismissed as “worthless hearsay” by prosecutors in the corruption division.

The disagreement between “senior officials” in the Washington D.C. office and on-the-ground agents working the investigation in New York apparently led to a schism within the FBI itself that may be driving leaks by those who feel Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice intervened to quash the investigation in order to protect Clinton.

Lynch has been under fire since her secret meeting with Bill Clinton in her plane just days before Hillary was interviewed briefly by the FBI compromised the integrity and independence of the investigation.

The appearance of impropriety of Lynch’s meeting with the husband of a target of an investigation, especially given the prominence of a former president, and the possibility that the target would, if exonerated, be in a position to either retain Lynch in her powerful position tainted FBI Director James Comey’s findings – and his reputation.

In the final days of the presidential campaign, Clinton is faced not only with FBI investigation updates, Wikileaks releases, Project Veritas video and even releases from the State Department itself pursuant to federal court order in ongoing unrelated cases.

The strain may be beginning to show.

Clinton has been increasingly strident at her rallies and confused, triggering critical tweets from those in a Winterville, North Carolina crowd who did not take kindly to being addresses as the citizens of ‘Greenville.’

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