The next time you take your prescription medication, you may find it to be a “bitter pill to swallow”, if presidential hopeful Madam Hillary gets her wish and becomes the next president of the United States, and  poised for yet another healthcare takeover, this time on prescription drugs.

Apparently Madam Hillary’s magical mystery tour of a campaign, is attempting to out liberal a full-fledged and self-described Socialist in the form of one Bernie Sanders. And not wanting to be “out-liberalized” in the Democrat primary, Mrs. Clinton has shown a willingness to support any position proposed by her self-described “democratic socialist” opponent.

She has already aligned herself with Sanders on almost every issue, from campaign finance reform, to “free” college tuition stating that we must make “college as debt-free as possible.”

The biggest surprise is Hillary’s new found support for government price controls on prescription drugs, and of course another position espoused by Socialist Sanders years ago.

However Clinton and other supporters of prescription drug price negotiation pretend that because the government is not passing a law or regulation specifying the price for drugs that it does not amount to a price control. But that’s a distinction without a difference. Over the years the federal government has forced itself into the health care market as a third-party standing.

And like ObamaCare the cost of dispensing universal healthcare mandated by the federal government has unintended and costly consequences for the consumer.  Moreover government price controls and manipulations have failed whenever they have been tried. in the form of black markets or government-created shortages have followed. Price controls fail to take into account changes in supply and demand, leaving consumers searching and often unable to find needed goods. It would also limit the development of future lifesaving drugs. Thanks again to the government, the cost to develop and bring to market a new drug is extremely high


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