There is no denying the shrewdness of Hillary Clinton that’s been on display since she was the wife of Attorney General of Arkansas in the 1970s.

At every turn, Hillary has achieved her goals by going under, over and around the rules whether for financial gain, as with the “lucky” $100,000 profit in cattle futures (something the Yale-educated lawyer from Chicago had zero experience with) or the convenient disappearance of records and emails.

So it should come as no surprise that Hillary would be so naïve as to openly admit that she wants to eviscerate 2nd Amendment gun rights of American citizens.

Although it is indisputable that total gun control is her goal, as reflected by her enthusiastic praise of the Australian government “buy-back” program, even Clinton knows that such an open attack would be met with wide-spread resistance in a country where the citizen’s right to bear arms is a part of the written Constitution.

Instead, Clinton has a three-pronged plan of attack to achieve her goal over a period of years.

First, stack the Supreme Court with progressive justices who will uphold state gun-control laws.

With one vacancy on the bench created by the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia and three justices ranging in age from 78 to 83, “President Hillary Clinton” will be able to name at least one, and possibly as many as four justices to make these anti-gun decisions.

Second, continue the tried-and-true liberal method of controlling language by calling for a ban on the sale and possession of “weapons of war” to the civilian market – even though they already have been banned since 1986.

By renaming hunting and target rifles, and even popular handguns as “weapons of war,” Clinton would create a false narrative that no reasonable person could possibly object to – after all, who believes civilians should be able to purchase weapons of war?

Lastly, promote specious lawsuits, such as strict liability cases, that have no chance of prevailing in court, but drive gun manufacturers out of business by forcing them to expend millions of dollars in legal defense.

This election year, Americans who value their 2nd Amendment right cannot afford to be offended by Donald Trump’s blunt talk or brusque manner.

There is only one choice on November 8th and it is not Hillary Clinton.

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