It appears that Democrats will use absolutely anything to their advantage in the upcoming political battle between the right and the left. News has broken, with the hacking of the Democratic National Committee's email servers, that members of the DNC are happy and ecstatic to use the misfortune of others to push forward their agenda.

One of those email threads that WikiLeaks has provided on its website, is a series of emails that members of the communications team at the Democratic Party forwarded to their contacts across the country.

In the emails, the comm team members are summarizing the effects of North Carolina's controversial bathroom bill, HB2. Among the many effects of the bill that are listed in the emails are an estimated 1,750 jobs that were lost in North Carolina because of companies and people who were trying to make a point.

"This is great," wrote one member of the DNC comms team. "Can we forward to our LGBT and National lists?"

Hold on. What is "great"? The fact that good hardworking people in North Carolina are losing jobs because of bigoted leftists is great? Or is it simply great because now the DNC has more fodder for its media machine?

While it's unfortunate and definitely wrong that the DNC email servers were hacked, people in America are finally getting an inside look at the way issues and ideas are treated by the big political machine. They don't care about the individual lives that are being run over by their agendas. All they care about is getting their talking points out to the television shows and media giants that feed the minds of the masses.

These people are crafting narratives right and left and expecting people to swallow it. Whether you're a liberal or a conservative, that's wrong!

Shame on the DNC and shame on anyone who praises job loss in this great country of ours.

h/t: IJR

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