Hillary Clinton is on the road again for her presidential campaign and she's headed for the South. Though Hillary has strong connections in Arkansas, she recently made a series of negative comments that could disrupt her ability to control a block of any size of Southern voters.

Clinton used the shutdown of several small driver's license offices in rural areas of Alabama as ammunition to talk about her race platform.

She called the shutdowns racist and compared them to Jim Crow laws that were implemented in the South to stop blacks from voting. "It’s hard to believe we are back having this same debate about whether every American gets a chance to vote," Hillary shouted to the crowd.

Unfortunately for Clinton, she doesn't have all of her facts in a row.

The rural offices that are being closed down are being shut down to control costs. Like it or not, the Democrats and Republicans all have limited money to deal with and to use to help residents of the state. Alabama has chosen to combine several smaller offices into larger ones located in more populous areas. This will reduce costs for the office. Is frugality now being labeled as discrimination?

Though it is true that several of the areas that are losing access to these offices are heavily-populated by black citizens, what choice does Alabama have if it wants to reduce its overhead costs?

But by comparing the shutdown of these rural offices with the outdated and illegal Jim Crow laws of the past, Clinton has done more harm to her campaign than good. She's shown that she's absolutely willing to take any situation and spin it to her political advantage.

Potential Clinton-backers should beware. Hillary's quick ability to jump from issue to issue based on whatever news comes to light demonstrates her true colors: a candidate who lacks true morals and will say anything to be elected.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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