The Las Vegas shooting is now the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, surpassing the Pulse Nightclub shooting in 2016. Not all of the facts are in yet as of the date of this post. However, many on Twitterverse are already weighing in, including Hilary Clinton. Not surprisingly, she wasted no time turning this tragedy into a political issue.

The former Secretary of State initially sent out a tweet wishing prayers to the victims. However, she quickly followed it up with subsequent tweets lashing out at the NRA.

This is pretty sickening that Clinton would use this massacre to score political points before all the facts are even in. There isn't even a motive yet, and families haven't even yet been able to claim the bodies of their slain loved ones.

Aside from sheer insensitivity, Clinton's remarks are also hypocritical. During the democrat primary election in 2008, she took a much softer tone on gun control to distinguish herself from then-candidate Obama. She fondly recounted how her father would take her out to shoot around the family cottage when she was a little girl.

Clinton did a complete 360 on gun control in 2016 when she called for reinstating a ban on assault weapons after the initial ban expired in 2004.

Now is a time of mourning. There will be a time and place to discuss politics or policy reviews once the facts come in. For now, Americans on all political aisles must come together for unity. For Clinton to immediately bash the NRA and Seconda Amendment just goes to show how out of tune with reality this woman is. Thank God she isn't in the White House.

Is Clinton's tweet further proof that she has completely lost her mind?

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