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While the Clinton scandals are no doubt being protected by the Obama Justice Department, the federal courts thanks to a law suit filed by Judicial Watch may finally force Hillary to testify about her emails.

Moreover, the dilemma for Hillary is that if the timeline in Judicial Watch’s approved discovery plan plays out as scheduled, she might be called to testify just weeks before the Democratic National Convention.

While this issue may be playing out in the courts, there’s always that very real possibility that a FBI referral to the Justice Department, may in fact also prove disastrous and no doubt would send shock waves within the Democratic Party.

Which would throw the entire process into chaos, and that’s perhaps why “ol Bernie” is refusing to pull out, in that he sees an opportunity to perhaps wrestle the nomination away from Clinton, if this or perhaps even Benghazi should once again make national news.

Obviously having a FBI referral changes the entire dynamics of the race, and gives both Sanders and Trump an opportunity to pounce on Hillary’s many other scandals.

Perhaps just perhaps the veneer after almost 3-decades of deceit, lies and corruption is finally wearing thin and catching up to these two amoral and reprehensible characters…one can only hope.


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